Green Earth Gardens® Carbon, Capture & Storage

Green Earth Gardens® AGROECOTOURISM Theme Park for Carbon Capture & Storage   (CCS), is developing reforestation and tropical apiculture. These agriculture activities are the main sources for Carbon Capture & Storage that contributes and raises public awareness about climate change issues and provides an opportunity for the participation of local communities, organizations and individuals. Located in the rural town of Chambacu  de Aguas Zarcas, in the northern plains of San Carlos, Costa Rica. Green Earth Gardens® is member of the Costa Rica Network of Nature Reserves.

During 2011 our reforestation project has planted 70 acres (24 hectares) with local partners FONAFIFO, CODEFORSA and ADOBE RENT A CAR for a concrete action with positive global repercussions. The non-for-profit CODEFORSA (Development Corporation of San Carlos) will do the certification and management of the plantation.  Through reforestation of native species, Green Earth Gardens® is contributing to Carbon Capture & Storage   (CCS) and recover northern Costa Rica’s rich tropical rain forests, which provide a home to thousands of species of plants, animals and microorganisms.

Stingless native bees play an important role in the balance of the tropical forest through pollination of plants and trees, allowing the production of fruits, seeds and organic honey.  Based on this ancient tradition, with the purpose of producing organic rainforest honey “MIEL DE MARIOLA” , Green Earth Gardens® has developed a native stingless bee garden -or meliponario- using sustainable management techniques. The mariola bee (Tetragonisca angustula) is recognized as one of the most attractive species because of the quality of its honey, it’s medicinal, gastronomy uses and the commercial potential.

The Pre Colombian civilizations in Central and South America practiced stingless beekeeping as an important economic activity. They kept the bees in hollow log-hives, and harvested honey for gastronomic and medicinal uses. In fact, they considered these bees as a gift from the gods.


Green Earth Gardens® has partnered with Costa Rica’s Tropical Apiculture Center, from the Universidad Nacional (UNA), which carries out scientific research about stingless bees and their honey, with potential to become the “antibiotic of the future”.